Web Developers and Designers Tools

Here I will be posting some great tools I found in the web, some tools will be simple templates or great coding samples.

Web Design

HTML predefined colors table – Predefined colors refers to simple human language translated colors you can use without having to know it’s hex number for example – blue [hex number is #0000FF]. On this table you will see the predefined name ‘blue’, the hex # and a sample.

PHP Classes

This are classes I’m creating for projects I’m working on and could be useful for other designers and programmers


This is my first class and I hope you enjoy it. With this class you can dynamically create html and xml tags using PHP. To see how to use it click here. To download click here. To see a sample of the code click here.


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looks like you need to update your book, installing apache, php, mysql on ubuntu 12, you have the phpinfo.php file put in /var/www. It won’t work there. It has to be in /var/www/html??

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