Designers Gate is a dream, is my desire to make this site a virtual gateway where people can come to share their talents and knowledge. To provide vital information to help us succeed in our projects.

Me, I’m a very positive-drive guy. I love positive thinking and to receive positive feedback as well. This is why I want to share with you many of the things I have learn with struggle through all these years. I know what it feels be block in something that probably has a simple solution but for lack of knowledge look it as a big wall, that sometimes cost us even to loose a client.

Nothing has stop me to learn what I need to learn, when I need it to learn – just my own self – and hundred of individual that are willing to share their knowledge as well. Please use this tool to learn, teach and share. I’m very grateful for the many tutorial sites out there that had been of a big blessing in despair times. Because of these many experiences I want to give back what by grace I have received. There’s no better way to show gratitude but giving to others in return what we received.

Hope this is going to be fun and a big experience for you all. No matter your level of knowledge in any field, we always have something to show.

Had a wonderful day, Happy Designing!

Rafael Vilá

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