Author: Rafael Vila

Secure Websites Not Responding – Disable SSLv3

Tweet With the latest news about the new SSL vulnerability, after the not so long ago HEARTBLEED vulnerability, now we are been threatened by a […]

HTML5 Responsive Website with Brackets

Tweet For tutorial workshop files go to my DropBox. To see a live sample. Designing a responsive website could be a challenge if you don’t […]

Conceptualizing the Earth – Blender Cycles Render

Tweet Tutorial Workshop Files Hello everyone, today I’m using Blender to make a composition of the Earth. I did almost the same thing at work, […]

Getting 22 Gig’s of Space in the Cloud [Updated 06-14-2016]

Tweet If you are the kind of person that carries a lot of flash drives in your wallet, backpack or laptop bag and have a […]

CUPS – Forbiden – Ubuntu 13.10

Tweet Wow, I haven’t had a hard time with Ubuntu 13.10 until I bought a new laser printer from Lexmark. The printer was fine and […]

Animation Basics in Blender

Tweet Animation Basics in Blender from Oliver Villar Diz on Vimeo. This is a nice tutorial I found in Vimeo… Hope you enjoy it! Here […]

Thank You!

Tweet I’m very happy, my blog was viewed 6,200 times in 2013… A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed […]

Laying Out a Website with Inkscape

Tweet The other day I decided to revamp my website but with the slightly difference that in my house I have a Linux Unit with […]

Linux – A powerful System and a technology Empire.

Tweet You probably use it without knowing it… check this: Over 850,000 devices in the World uses Android OS, base in Linux 8 out of […]

Making your videos responsive to screen resolution with JQuery

Tweet This is a nice piece of code I found in Stack Overflow, but I love the solution posted by Darwin in October 12 2012 […]