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Previewing XCloud on a Galaxy Note 9

Today I was able to take full advantage of the beta test for XCloud. Let me tell you, I’m impress. The video you are watching is a video capture using Samsung Flow, trying to make justice on how good the service performed I set the Samsung Flow to transmit at low res.

Photorealism – What is it?

Photorealism is everywhere, even in things you don’t even expect it… Think about IKEA Catalog… yeap, all those beautiful shots are made with CG.

Fast .Gif files with ScreenToGif

Tweet Looking for a more effective way to create .Gif files for only help tips and other purposes, I stumble with this wonderful tool. It […]

New Google Ranking Priority is on Mobile

Tweet Google is changing how it’s ranking the websites again. Not only you need to create new content but has to be mobile friendly… more […]

Secure Websites Not Responding – Disable SSLv3

Tweet With the latest news about the new SSL vulnerability, after the not so long ago HEARTBLEED vulnerability, now we are been threatened by a […]

Getting 22 Gig’s of Space in the Cloud [Updated 06-14-2016]

Tweet If you are the kind of person that carries a lot of flash drives in your wallet, backpack or laptop bag and have a […]

CUPS – Forbiden – Ubuntu 13.10

Tweet Wow, I haven’t had a hard time with Ubuntu 13.10 until I bought a new laser printer from Lexmark. The printer was fine and […]

Making your videos responsive to screen resolution with JQuery

Tweet This is a nice piece of code I found in Stack Overflow, but I love the solution posted by Darwin in October 12 2012 […]

Handling a Keyword Search with PHP/MySQL (MATCH/AGAINST MySQL Function)

Tweet For the longest time I used the MySQL ‘LIKE’ statement style for searching by keywords, which it is probably the most reliable and fastest […]

How to Avoid Having Sensitive Data Exposed

Tweet There are few reasons why you have to have sensitive information inside a class, but the one in the top of these reasons is […]