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Title Capitalization with JavaScript

Tweet JavaScript, JS, is an amazing scripting language and it’s been adopted by many platforms including Node.js, which turns JS into a server side scripting […]

Mobirise | A Free Website Builder

Mobirise is a free application that allows you to design your website without coding, either using Bootstrap or Google AMP frameworks.

Image Sequence to Video

You can turn an Image Sequence to video with Photoshop, of course, but with Blender as well… very clever fellow.

Best Composer Tutorial, So Far

Tweet I have spent a lot of time looking for tutorials about Composer, and most of them concentrate only in how to install and the […]

Moving WordPress® to a new Domain or Directory, or creating a Test Environment Playground

Tweet Hello Web Developers… This is a extensive tutorial for those of you who develop with WordPress. WordPress is an amazing platform to build on. Either […]

HTML5 Responsive Website with Brackets

Tweet For tutorial workshop files go to my DropBox. To see a live sample. Designing a responsive website could be a challenge if you don’t […]

Conceptualizing the Earth – Blender Cycles Render

Tweet Tutorial Workshop Files Hello everyone, today I’m using Blender to make a composition of the Earth. I did almost the same thing at work, […]

CUPS – Forbiden – Ubuntu 13.10

Tweet Wow, I haven’t had a hard time with Ubuntu 13.10 until I bought a new laser printer from Lexmark. The printer was fine and […]

Animation Basics in Blender

Tweet Animation Basics in Blender from Oliver Villar Diz on Vimeo. This is a nice tutorial I found in Vimeo… Hope you enjoy it! Here […]

Laying Out a Website with Inkscape

Tweet The other day I decided to revamp my website but with the slightly difference that in my house I have a Linux Unit with […]

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