Designer’s Gate Purpose

The purpose for Designer’s Gate Blogs is to bring vital information for designers of all level. Graphic Design is a vast tree with many branches and hopefully we will cover them all. Now with the new twist in design, lot of graphic designers has to learn other techniques away from what for many centuries was classified as an Traditional Art or Graphic Design. Web Developing has taken Graphics to the next level, Designing and Development.

Integrating software developing, many designers, that were use to need to see while designing to know how the ending product will look, now has to change their habits to a more challenging one. Designing without seeing until the end.

And this is not the only thing that has changed, because of this we see how necessary is to develop a site not only for tutorials and forums but to keeps us current on the constant changing that’s forecast ahead.

We want this site to become a meeting network where designers and developers come together to help each other to learn, to achieve and to share.

Have a wonderful browse…!

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