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Mobirise is a free application that allows you to design your website without coding, either using Bootstrap or Google AMP frameworks. And I’m pretty sure that if you are using an application like this one, you don’t even want to know what is Bootstrap or Google AMP, the only thing you need to know is what kind of customer you are trying to reach, those who do not care about fancy animations and quirky stuff or those who just want a fast loading website. That’s where the difference is. Since Bootstrap relies on JavaScript for many functionalities it might be a little slower than a Google AMP website, which main focus is loading time. So it is up to you what to use. But let’s watch the video… And do not forget to subscribe and hit the like button. If you like it.

To download Mobirise click here.

Who is Mobirise Designed For?

Mobirise is designed for people that do not want to pay a premium for their website either because is a new adventure, or a personal project, or simply put, they want everything for free. And these come with a few points you should consider:

  1. Free means lots of people will use it, so if you want to be original it probably won’t happen.
  2. People looking for a service or product you promote might have visited a website about the same which probably was made with Mobirise looking almost exactly the same. There are customers that care about originality.
  3. The theme you choose determines how many options you have. The more options a theme has the more opportunities you have to look original. At some point, you might have to invest some money. Most people will go with the free themes which offer fewer options.

Since you are wanting to create your own website I assume you want something simple and have few items in your catalog of products. But there is no limit on how many contents you can create with Mobirise. But if you have a huge catalog I would suggest getting a web designer and developer which in the long run would be more beneficial to you and your business.

Who’s Not For?

Mobirise is not for:

  1. Bloggers
  2. Huge Catalog Store
  3. Community Drive Forums
  4. Subscription Website
  5. Forums

In other words, Mobirise is not made for any type of transactional, database or user/password environment. For that, there are better options like WordPress.

Linux – A powerful System and a technology Empire.

You probably use it without knowing it… check this:

  1. Over 850,000 devices in the World uses Android OS, base in Linux
  2. 8 out of 10 Financial Trades are powered by Linux
  3. 9 our of 10 Super Computers in the World are powered by Linux
  4. Google®, Facebook®, Twitter® and Amazon® are powered by Linux
  5. From over 700,000 HD TVs build, most of them are powered by Linux

The open source is a strong system that allows us to enjoy new technology at modest prices. Just think about it, if you compare prices among Smartphones, you know that Android Devices are the cheapest, not because they are cheap technology, but because the operating system that’s installed on them are FREE. Against iOS® and Windows® operating systems that are more expensive competitors.

But the numbers are clear, from the two leaders in mobile technology, Android Phones are in the lead, either in US or Worldwide, look for yourself.

Now Apple® is making the more revenue, of course, their phones are more expensive than Android Phones. But in all, in 2012 Smartphones shipment looked like:

21% 70.1%
iOS Android

Based on fourth quarter of 2012 IDC smartphones shipments statistics

So, Linux Based devices are more in use than their most expensive competitors. So if you haven’t dare to test out the beauty of open source technology you should try with one of the two more user friendly operating systems. They are more stable and has more drivers than before, specially that Debian developers are starting to commercialize their projects. This giving the advantage to attract more commercial oriented businesses towards the open source community.

If you want to start trying them out check these powerful operating systems:

Ubuntu – the most preferred operating system by the Linux community, also with a lot of tutorials and forums that will answer most of all the question you might have to understand the system.

Mint – this is another flavour of Linux, and apparently the most favourable by the Linux community after Ubuntu.

As my most humble opinion. You should try this technology and help in anyway you can. Either for a computer for you children, a computer you are planning to donate to a school or a second computer in your house, the Linux Project is a huge advanced in computing and is considered the mayor development community in the World. This gives you the chance to keep technology at the reach of your and your neighbour hands.

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