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Making your videos responsive to screen resolution with JQuery

Tweet This is a nice piece of code I found in Stack Overflow, but I love the solution posted by Darwin in October 12 2012 […]

RegExp Filter For URL’s

Tweet I was trying to get a nice short Regular Expression to filter and validate the url’s entered by an user in an form, and […]

Getting the ID of an element with plain JavaScript

Tweet I was searching for this for very long and didn’t really found something useful unless using a JavaScript framework, but for those who want to learn […]

XMLHttpRequest error in IE8 and 9

Tweet Don’t you hate when everything is going smoothly with your website, you haven’t done anything to it, it is the same since forever and […]

Print PDF files with JavaScript/PHP

Tweet I started a topic in DaniWeb about how to generate a gadget to let customer choose from a list of pdf files an create […]

Problems Processing Strings With JS


Making your own Scriptaculous style coding

How to avoid keying to many times the statement document.getElementById in your JavaScript projects.