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Best Composer Tutorial, So Far

Tweet I have spent a lot of time looking for tutorials about Composer, and most of them concentrate only in how to install and the […]

Handling a Keyword Search with PHP/MySQL (MATCH/AGAINST MySQL Function)

Tweet For the longest time I used the MySQL ‘LIKE’ statement style for searching by keywords, which it is probably the most reliable and fastest […]

How to Avoid Having Sensitive Data Exposed

Tweet There are few reasons why you have to have sensitive information inside a class, but the one in the top of these reasons is […]

How to Create a PHP Class

Tweet PHP is shifting into a mayor coding method, from procedural scripting to object oriented scripting, Class is one of the most important aspect your […]

Browscap.php – how to use it!

The Browscap.php is a powerful code but it has some minor things easy to fix in order to work properly with your PHP5 scripting.

Installing Apache, PHP and MySQL in Ubuntu 12.10

Tweet Preparing your new Ubuntu 12.10 computer for web developing can be intimidating, especially if you are not used to Ubuntu or Linux environment, as […]

Controlling How Your Variables Are Handled In a PHP Class

Tweet There are many ways that you can control how variables are accessed in your Class. The most common is using Constants but the problem […]

Data Injection

Tweet Database Injection alert has become a pain in the back lately, after the resent SQL injection against MySQL main website, I start researching about Data […]

Setting Up ImageMagick Q16 in Windows Vista x64 SP2 with IIS7 and PHP 5.3 Imagick Extension

Tweet Wow, I’ve been trying to do this for almost a week and a half and finally I got it. I Google it!, StackOver it […]

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