Unable to Upgrade Windows Media Player Win7 or Sever 2008 R2

This has nothing to do with coding but it’s something that made me mad when I run into it. I was trying to process my digital copies of my kids movies for Disney and I ran into that problem. When I used the link provided by Disney took me to a Microsoft web page with an greyed out Upgrade button.

I tried many things I Google but nothing work. At the end I found one troubleshooting from Microsoft, obviously, that fixed my problem.

I hope this will help any one…

Just follow this link and do exactly as it’s mention in the resolution tab.

This is obviously for those who are unable to update the Security Component from the Disney Splash page link. If you don’t have any problem just go to the original link that’s

WMP Security Component Upgrade

If you still have problem you can try with this other link – Didn’t work for me but I have Server 2008 R2 64bit – that might behave differently.

Give it a shot!

I didn’t have any problem enable my digital copies with iTunes, but I don’t really like it, even though it looks prettier it has a lot a bugs, and the one I hate the most is when I install a new operating system and update the library always duplicates all my files, then the iTunes folder goes from 48Gb storage space to 96Gb storage space. Not good at all!

If you have a solution for that, leave a comment too!

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