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How to Create a PHP Class

PHP is shifting into a mayor coding method, from procedural scripting to object oriented scripting, Class is one of the most important aspect your need to learn to take advantage of this shifting. PHP is not the same as it was before since PHP 4+.

Hello World Class

Over the years I found myself having to recode thousands lines of code because of this shifting, but it worth the effort.

Sit back and enjoy! This all basics, but you should have at least some basic knowledge from previous versions of PHP, if you are new to PHP, this tutorial will be an important part of your research and list of tutorials. A ultra basic Hello World! Class that shows the different aspect of a class that you need to create your own classes.

Made it with love for you guys. Sorry for my big absence in the tutorial environment… but becoming a parent of three has keeping me busy… Enjoy and happy coding!

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