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How to Create a PHP Class

PHP is shifting into a mayor coding method, from procedural scripting to object oriented scripting, Class is one of the most important aspect your need to learn to take advantage of this shifting. PHP is not the same as it was before since PHP 4+. Resource: Hello World Class Over the years I found myself […]


Controlling How Your Variables Are Handled In a PHP Class

There are many ways that you can control how variables are accessed in your Class. The most common is using Constants but the problem is that constants are public an can be accessed using: echo FOO::CONSTANT; Let say you want to have more control of your variables. One way you can do this is a […]


xTags Class

This is my first class and I hope you enjoy it. With this class you can dynamically create html and xml tags using PHP. To see how to use it click here. To download click here. To see a sample of the code click here.