Display Consideration

When designing a website there many considerations to make, the most important one, I think, is the display resolution. As a graphic designer and as web developer I noticing that many designs breaks apart when you see them in other displays for many reasons:

  1. The resolution is different from the one you test it on
  2. The browser installed in the computer (Specially if the browser is Internet Explorer either version)
  3. The color set for the monitor

Only one of these factors you can control as a designer and is the number one, the different display resolutions. During the last weeks I’ve been working on a website for a client that showed me another website to use it as my paragon. The problem I noticed with the website I was referred to is that the website was design in a resolution for a display higher that 1600 px wide. If you try to see it in a monitor lower than that you might need to scroll left and right. Something not many web users like to do.

So I designed my page to fit in monitors from 1000 px and up.

Why I did this? Based in a survey made last year (January to be exact) 56% of web users around the World uses monitors that the display resolution is 1024 px wide and 768 px height. Only a 36% uses monitors over 1200 pixel wide resolution and there’s still 4% that uses 800 x 600 pixel monitors. Yeap! There’s still some ugly monitors around. But I can’t limit that much.

With this in mind I consider that the best width size for a web page would be 1000 px. That for fixed width size web page. Those who prefer to design dynamic web pages doesn’t have that bit of a problem, but still it is hard for me trying to design something that would be flow nice in a 1024 x 768 display and in a 1920 x 1200 display. For that reason I prefer to design a centralized nice 1000 pixels wide web page than a dynamic width web. The both still look good either way.

Remember, just Mac users with a new mouse has the scroll ball in the mouse and they can browse a page either way easily. But for the rest 80% percent who still has old Mac mouses and PC users the only basic scrolling option is up and down.

An user-friendly interface is one of the most basic consideration to have when building a website.

Happy Designing

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