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How to Avoid Having Sensitive Data Exposed

There are few reasons why you have to have sensitive information inside a class, but the one in the top of these reasons is because many hosting services does not allow you to have access to your root folder or even to your php.ini file. This is a big problem specially if you have a […]

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XMLHttpRequest error in IE8 and 9

Don’t you hate when everything is going smoothly with your website, you haven’t done anything to it, it is the same since forever and suddenly…. Your ajax is not working in Internet Explorer. Suddenly customers start calling that they cannot log in, or documents are not displaying; A complete mess!!. Well it happens to me […]


The PHP Curly Braces Error In Dreamweaver CS3

Hi co-designers… Few days ago I was having a strange error when attempting to write a code in PHP for Dreamweaver CS3 (9) ¬†for Windows, in my case Windows XP. This is the operating system they use in my workplace, yes I know, is a shame but I had to deal with it. The problem […]