The PHP Curly Braces Error In Dreamweaver CS3

Hi co-designers… Few days ago I was having a strange error when attempting to write a code in PHP for Dreamweaver CS3 (9)  for Windows, in my case Windows XP. This is the operating system they use in my workplace, yes I know, is a shame but I had to deal with it.

The problem is that the software always crashes after I typed in the curly braces ‘{‘, it didn’t happen coding JavaScript or any other language, it was specifically with PHP. The solution is also posted at Adobe Database. The best solutions I found are two solutions from a co-designer blog and these are the solutions:

  1. Turning Dreamweaver To Original State: You need to have access to your Application Data folder (C:\Documents and Settings\[your user folder]\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9). If you don’t have too much configurations or a personalize workspace you can delete everything in that folder. But remember, you will loose all configurations you had made. Dreamweaver will open back in its original state.
  2. Keeping Every Configurations: The second solution will not remove any custom configuration, you need to access the software’s configuration folder (C:\Documents and Settings\[your user folder]\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configurations\) and delete the file named -WinFileCache-AD76BB20.dat- or something like that. Then re-start the software, the crash error should disappear.

Well, I hope this help any of my co-designers. Have a awesome 2010 Thanksgiving Day!

Thanks to for your help.

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An update for this problem. I ran into this problem again and follow the solution #2 and the problem persist. Apparently the solution only works one time. I already try it 2 times and it doesn’t works. I also tried to use the solution #1 and the problem persists. Thank God I have Oracle® NetBeans.

The solution… Apparently for any reason the file was corrupted during Dreamweaver crashes, what I did, instead of saving the file as another file I create a new file and copy paste all the code in this new file. Then saving it back again over the original file.

I did it this way because I tried it to save the corrupted file as another file and the problem persists. But when copy/pasted the code to a new file, then everything was restructure, I think. That a big word for me… lol.

Well hope this works!

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