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Moving WordPress® to a new Domain or Directory, or creating a Test Environment Playground

Hello Web Developers… This is a extensive tutorial for those of you who develop with WordPress. WordPress is an amazing platform to build on. Either for just a section of your website or as whole CMS (Content Management System), WordPress has become the leader platform not only for web professionals, but also for adventurers, that’s right… […]

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Handling a Keyword Search with PHP/MySQL (MATCH/AGAINST MySQL Function)

For the longest time I used the MySQL ‘LIKE’ statement style for searching by keywords, which it is probably the most reliable and fastest option. But today I’m going to talk about another option you have to create a more effective keyword search and get the result from MySQL order by keywords relevance. For this […]

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Installing Apache, PHP and MySQL in Ubuntu 12.10

Preparing your new Ubuntu 12.10 computer for web developing can be intimidating, especially if you are not used to Ubuntu or Linux environment, as I am. There’s a lot of help from the community but sometimes they are kind of rough when someone like me ask a noob question, but hey!… at least they answer […]


Data Injection

Database Injection alert has become a pain in the back lately, after the resent SQL injection against MySQL main website, I start researching about Data Injection myself and I found a lot information that might be helpful for many my fellow designers and coders. What’s A Data Injection? If it’s the first time you heard about […]