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Handling a Keyword Search with PHP/MySQL (MATCH/AGAINST MySQL Function)

For the longest time I used the MySQL ‘LIKE’ statement style for searching by keywords, which it is probably the most reliable and fastest option. But today I’m going to talk about another option you have to create a more effective keyword search and get the result from MySQL order by keywords relevance. For this […]

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The Best Free Design Software in the Web.

Start designing can be a little hassle, specially for students. Of course, the cost for an Art certifications are way over prized in the US. For example, an Associate Degree in Full Sail, Florida – Maybe the best option if you want to have hands on into new technology, can cost $80,000.00. If you don’t […]


Data Injection

Database Injection alert has become a pain in the back lately, after the┬áresent SQL injection against MySQL main website, I start researching about Data Injection myself and I found a lot information that might be helpful for many my fellow designers and coders. What’s A Data Injection? If it’s the first time you heard about […]